Epilepsy Life Links is active all year long organizing educational conferences with the main theme of: Take Control of Epilepsy and Bring Epilepsy Out of the Shadows. Our team also walks in most of the regional Epilepsy Walks raising funds for the Epilepsy Foundation and sponsors other events that promote Epilepsy Awareness.

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What You Need to Know if Epilepsy has Touched Your Life

September 28, 2013
What you Need to Know if Epilepsy Has Touched Your Life Conference series

243 Tresser Boulevard
Stamford, CT 06901

8:30-9AM Regsitration
9-12 Program

Free breakfast during registration.

New, alternative and experimental treatments in epilepsy-Olgica Laban-Grant, MD
Epilepsy in the elderly - Neelima Thakur, MD
Resources and services - Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut

NEREG has gone GREEN:
All presentations from the conference are available for you to download listed by presenter name. Just click and print.

New and alternative epilepsy treatments: Olgica Laban-Gran, MD
Epilepsy in elderly: Neelima Thakur, M.D.
Epilepsy in Children: Dr. Adenike Opaleke