Our Services



Why do patients decide to be treated by the NEREG team?

Our Team: 
Epilepsy doctors: all board certified, with specialty training in epilepsy. Many voted “Best doctors in America”
- Epilepsy surgeons: experts in epilepsy surgery.  Most voted “Best surgeons in America”.
- Neuropsychologists and psychologists: all PhDs who completed training in psychology and neuropsychology of epilepsy
- Epilepsy Nurses: Nurse practitioners dedicated solely to epilepsy

Our expertise:
- Over 30,000 patients treated by the group
- Three level 4 epilepsy centers (highest designation by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers) are directed by the group 
- Several hundred epilepsy surgeries performed with excellent results  
- One of the largest programs in the United States (more than 15 locations)

Our dedication to patients:
- 24/7 access to epilepsy doctors - we have no doctors in training on staff
- Distinctive Specialty Programs for our patients including women's epilepsy services and pediatric health clinics for specific childhood epilepsy syndromes
- Psychogenic non epileptic seizures (PNES) Diagnostic and Treatment Program
- Dedication to education, research and innovation

Our Treatment Programs include:
Epilepsy medications
Dietary treatments
Surgical treatments
Clinical trials
  Medication not available on the market
  Medications available on the market and now being studied for new uses 
- Supportive treatments
  Psychological counseling and Therapy
  Psychogenic non epileptic seizures program