Events & News


April 29
Updates in treatments for adult and pediatric PNES
Lorna Myers, Julia Doss, Gaston Beslet

September 12
Webinar: Supporting students with seizures in school

June 07
Treating psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES) and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) using prolonged exposure therapy
Lorna Myers

December 16
Neuromodulation in Dravet's Syndrome
Dr. Eric Segal

June 17
Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures: An Introduction (In Spanish)
Lorna Myers

December 18
Epilepsy Webinar - Brain tumors and epilepsy
Jeffrey Politsky,MD

November 10
PNES Webinar - Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures: What psychologists need to know
Lorna Myers

September 29
Epilepsy Webinar - Women' s issues in epilepsy
Olgica Laban-Grant,MD

September 09
Epilepsy Webinar - Febrile seizures
Eric Segal, MD

August 11
Epilepsy Webinar - Comorbidities in Children with Epilepsy: Seizures are only a part of the problem
Julianna Paolicchi, MD

July 21
Epilepsy Webinar - El tratamiento de epilepsia y la utilidad de hierbas y suplementos (Spanish)
Enrique Feoli,MD

July 14
Epilepsy Webinar - Use of Marijuana in the treatment of epilepsy
Philippe Duyoun, MD

July 07
Epilepsy Webinar - MEG and EEG Source Modeling to Localize Epileptic Foci
John S Ebersole,MD

November 11
Epilepsy Webinar - Neuromodulation in Epilepsy
Dr. Eric Segal

October 28
Epilepsy Webinar - Advances in medical treatment of epilepsy
Dr. Preeti Puntambekar

October 14
Epilepsy Webinar - Mental Health Issues in Epilepsy
Dr. Salah Mesad

September 22
Epilepsy Webinar - Book presentation - Spanish
Dr. Marcelo Lancman

September 09
Epilepsy Webinar - Book presentation - English
Dr. Marcelo Lancman

June 10
Epilepsy Webinar - Autoimmune epilepsy
Dr. Nelima Thakur

May 27
Epilepsy Webinar - Epilepsy 101 - Beyond Convulsions (Chinese)
Dr. Brenda Wu

May 20
Epilepsy Webinar - Epilepsy testing: Common tests - the how and why
Dr. Christos Lambrakis

May 20
Epilepsy Webinar - Overview of the new book: Psychogenic non- epileptic seizures: A Guide.
Dr. Lorna Myers

May 13
Epilepsy Webinar - Marijuana in Epilepsy
Dr. Philippe Douyon

April 22
Epilepsy Webinar - Generic medications vs Brand name/Supplements vitamins and seizures (Spanish)
Dr. Enrique Feoli

April 15
Epilepsy Webinar - La Epilepsia que se da con Depresión: cómo se reconoce y qué se hace al respecto?
Dr. Lorna Myers

April 08
Epilepsy Webinar - Life threatening conditions in epilepsy (status epilepticus, SUDEP)
Dr. Olgica Laban-Grant

March 25
Epilepsy Webinar - Sports participation in children with epilepsy
Dr. Stefanie Berry

March 18
Epilepsy Webinar - Stress management 101 for epilepsy
Urmi Vaidya

March 04
Epilepsy Webinar - Legal Issues in Epilepsy
Adrienne Arkontaky

February 25
Epilepsy Webinar - New Epilepsy Treatments Under Study At Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group
Dr. Evan Fertig

February 18
Epilepsy Webinar - What is Neuropsychological Testing for children: An explanation in plain English
Dr. Robert Trobliger

January 28
Epilepsy Webinar - What is Neuropsychological Testing: an explanation in plain English
Dr. Keren Lebeau

November 26
Epilepsy Webinar - Epilepsy in older adults: there are some real differences
Neelima Thakur, MD

October 30
Epilepsy Webinar - What you need to know if you have a brain tumor and epilepsy
Jeffrey Politsky, MD

September 17
Epilepsy Webinar - Treating epilepsy with diets
Angela Samuels, RD CNSC

September 16
PNES Webinar - Psychogenic non epileptic seizures: an Introduction for patients and loved ones
Dr. Lorna Myers

August 06
Epilepsy Webinar - Treating Epilepsy with surgery
Matthew Evans, DO

July 02
Epilepsy Webinar - Surviving and Thriving in school with epilepsy
Robert Trobliger, PhD

June 04
Epilepsy Webinar - Autism and epilepsy: What’s the connection?
Eric Segal, MD

May 07
Epilepsy Webinar - Introduccion a la Epilepsia in Spanish
Enrique Feoli, MD

April 02
Epilepsy Webinar - Epilepsy and Women: there are some real differences
Olgica Laban-Grant, MD

February 05
Epilepsy Webinar - Introduction to epilepsy and seizures
Christos Lambrakis, MD